We are the Dark Angels.  Our duty is above and beyond that of others. We are fear incarnate.

Dark Angels

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Dark Angels

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Another new member! - 2.00AM - Asmodai

Welcome to Dizzy! Our newest member from way up near Glasgo. May your service be rewarding. Details, as ever, can be found on the Earth Force page.

Also, it seems that the skin found on the new Related Files page will be our official one, for now at least. This is kinda cool as it was my first attemp at something like that. Now all we are waiting for is the game, and the release date may be pushed back as far as September! Now thats gotta hurt.



A new member! - 7.30PM - Asmodai

Well we have a new addition to the Dark Angels (new name pending)! Welcome to Lemartes! May you have a long and successful career in our ranks. Details are on the Earth Force page.

On another note, there is still no deffinate skin or new name. I will be talking with Azrael later tonight to fix that, but thanks to all who have shown interest and suggestions.

I have added two new pages since yesterday, Related Files and the Squadron Lists. hope you like them ; )



Small update, and a new name? - 7.00PM - Asmodai

Well I have gone throughout the page and changes Azrael's E-Mail address to his new one. Also Azrael has started doing the graphics needed for the medals etc. on the Officers page.

Oh the subject of the new name, it is possible that we will start calling our selves the Blood Angels. This means I will  have to re-do some of the graphics and maybe even the short cut address. I wish we saw this problem earlier. Anyway, life must go on!



A new member, but also some bad news... - 1.00PM - Asmodai

We have a new member! Well, actuly he joined ages ago but I had none of his details. My bad. Welcome Ninja! His details are on the Earth Force page.

As well as this good news, I have some bad aswell. It seems that there is already a Squadron called the Dark Angels. Now this means I will need to change the whole site and graphics to fit the new name. Thing is we have no idea what to call our selfs. If you have any ideas, please contact either Me or Azrael.



Some small updates. - 6.30PM - Asmodai

Since the inital opening I have decided to add a few more nifty things. These are a web counter down the side of each page and some new graphics in the Earth Force section. I hope you people enjoy, and lets make the first ever UK Babylon 5 Squadron the best.... If anybody wants to join, or is already but I have not been notified, please contact either Me or Azrael NOW!



New Site Online! - 6.00PM - Asmodai

Well this is it! Welcome to the Dark Angels new home page! We are are small band of games players who are currently awaiting the arrival of the Babylon 5 Combat Simulation, an space combat game based on the award winning series Babylon 5.

This squadron is set up for UK players only, so if you live in the United Kingdom and want to kick some ass, contact Azrael and we'll see what we can do ; )

This site only has a few pages operational at the moment, but expect to see a lot more in the near future.




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